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Hello and Welcome to the website for Dr. Rutledge’s revolutionary program: Better Than Lipo?

We are excited that you are interested in embarking on this life AFFIRMING program designed to rid your body of abnormal fat, sculpt those areas you thought IMPOSSIBLE to sculpt, reset your metabolism, detox your body of allergens, fortify your cells with nutrients and anti-oxidants, and instill a new approach to health and vitality that will stay with you for the rest of your health-filled years!

This life changing program is NOT a diet. We’ve all done those, and that is no doubt why you are here…..right? Diets ONLY work while you are on them. Then what? They often leave us feeling fatigued, with muscle loss and nutritional deficiencies, “problem areas” still remain problems, old behaviors are still present, and cravings are still a constant battle. In the end these “diets” only leave behind a slightly thinner you, and in no time it seems that one finds themselves right back where they were before they began, if not HEAVIER!

We offer two unique programs (3 weeks for those of you with 15 pounds or less to lose, ideal for persons wanting to rid themselves of problem fat areas, and a 5 week program for those with more weight to lose) each designed to not only reach your weight-loss goals, but to take you on a remarkable journey toward a life of total health and vitality.

Both of our programs are all inclusive---we provide you with everything you will need to make this program a success for you, including daily contact with Dr. Rutledge or his knowledgeable staff, group support, nutritional supplements and recipes for healthy eating and all of the support you may need to make this program a success for you.

To schedule a consult or to request more information, please contact Kathy at kathy4drrutledge@aol.com

-Dr. Rutledge



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