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Does this program work for everyone?

Yes. It definitely works for everyone that will commit to themselves and the program.  

What is the cost?  

Please call for pricing.  

Is the cost of the program all inclusive?

Yes. There are no hidden costs.  The program includes the initial consultation, all materials, supplies, medications, and a follow up visit once the program is completed.  

Do I need to meet with Dr. Rutledge before I begin?

Yes.  He will need to consult with you before and after the program.  However, you will be able to do the program in the privacy of your own home and have contact with Dr. Rutledge and his staff on a daily basis via email and/or phone.  

How much weight can I expect to lose?

The typical loss is anywhere from 15-40 pounds of pure fat in 5 weeks depending on how much one has to lose and their starting weight.  

Does this program really “liposculpt” the body?

Yes. What most experience is the best body shape they can ever remember having.  

Will I have to buy special food?

No.  Although you will be following a very specific protocol laid out by Dr. Rutledge, most all of the foods are readily available in any grocery store.

Are the results permanent?

Yes.  You will learn what works best for your body and will have the tools to easily maintain your results.

Can I take my regular supplements or medications while on this program?

Generally, no.  The BTL nutrition packets you will receive contain a full spectrum vitamins, minerals, amino acids, metabolic nutrients, and antioxidants. Dr. Rutledge will discuss with you during your consultation if there are supplements or prescription medications that you may continue to take while on the program.  DO NOT begin new supplements or take anything without ASKING first.



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