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Before starting the BTL Program I was a reasonably fit 38 year-old man who worked out five days per week. I wasn’t the ultra-lean athlete I had been in my mid-twenties but I thought that I was in pretty good shape at 172 lbs. I had a big wake-up call when I had a medical exam and a detailed body composition scan. The results showed that I was at 24% body fat. That’s 41 lbs of fat which showed up on mostly on my abdomen and thighs. I was shocked and started to eat better and work out harder but the fat stubbornly remained. I thought that this is just what age does to a body and that I was sentenced to hauling this fat load around. I was impressed when I discovered Dr. Rutledge and his BTL Program. If I was going to spend my money, I wanted a high quality program that was more than a diet but a lifestyle change for the better. The protocol called for a break from the gym so I started the injections and the BTL powder with some apprehension, but was determined to focus for the entire 23-day program. My goal was to get to 10% body fat. Sure enough, the fat melted off steadily and my appetite was suppressed. I chose to stay on the program for only 23 days and knew that I had burned off plenty of fat. I had a follow-up scan after dropping 20 lbs from my gorge weight to get to 155. The exact same scanner I used before showed that I had lost 20 lbs of fat but actually gained 0.6 lbs of muscle. My new body fat was rated at 14%. The most exciting results for me came after completing the 23-day program as I followed the BTL Phase III guide. When I got back into the gym I was able to build muscle effortlessly. I felt strong and I got more out of my workouts than ever before. Again, I was stunned at how quickly I made gains in muscle mass and I don’t even lift weights! I obeyed the BTL Phase III protocol religiously and after only three months I was absolutely stunned. My weight shot back up to 175 lbs but after losing 20 lbs of fat I built back almost all muscle. My body fat now is 8.3%, the best it’s been since being a competitive swimmer and triathlete in college. This program is truly amazing. I was fighting an uphill battle for years just trying to be lean, muscular, and fit by working out frequently and eating right. I had no idea how easily BTL would melt of my most stubborn fat stores and launch me into a new level of fitness. I am so interested in maintaining the health gains from doing BTL that I continue to work with Dr. Rutledge as a patient. I called him after completing my BTL program to thank him and asked, "What's next?"


My entire body shape changed. Within 3 to 4 weeks, I had dropped a few dress sizes. What's more, I didn't feel at all hungry, so it didn't feel like dieting.... and the change has lasted! Would I recommend it? Most certainly.

-Dr. S. Dornan

I'm a 77 year old guy that has always been interested in working out and supplementing my diet with vitamins and other nutrients. Undoubtedly that all helped in keeping me active and feeling well. Along with my peers,I always assumed that you got a " little thicker" with age (every else did). Lots of ab exercises helped, including a careful diet but didn't do what all the commercials said they would . Then I tried the Better Than Lipo Plan. In 4 weeks I weighed 138 lbs (my weight as a senior in high school) , down 18 pounds from the beginning of the diet, my abs were there again and all my pants needed to be taken in. Need I say more?


NO EXERCISING! NO HUNGER!! Can this really work? Try 35 pounds and 31 inches in 40 days. These are the fantastic results I achieved on Dr. Rutledge's BTL (Better Than Lipo) diet, so, of course, NO SURGERY either! A major component of this program ( hard to call it a diet with no hunger involved) is the personal one-to-one contact with Dr. Rutledge's nurse, Teri, who offers daily encouragement, monitoring, and answers to any questions that crop up, also any tasty new recipes. This individualized, caring, daily support helped make all the difference (thank you, Teri). Besides the obvious cosmetic value, health wise I am now able to be off of blood pressure and high cholesterol medications. After struggles with many diets one begins to think the weight is "cemented" on. Not so! This well-researched approach by Dr. Rutledge offered me a medically sound alternative to be released. Also the inclusion of his excellent vitamin mixture powders, containing only the purest, top ingredients, became a meal in itself for me. His strategy at the end of the program of having you add one food per day observing the effects helped me see that personally I get no food cravings by leaving out sugar and starch and get all the fulfilling "treat" I like with fat, like cream or nuts. For me no more looking for "non-fat" labels. What a revelation! Thank you, Dr. R.


My name is Michael. And I have had a weight problem my whole adult life. Notice the word "had". No, I'm not at the thinnest I might ever want to be, but I've never felt this good and have never been so in control of food. And i give full credit to Dr. Rutledge and this amazing plan. The biggest thing I can say about the program is that it did something to me mentally - have no explanation of it - but i actually have a shut-off valve with food now. I must admit that there was a day or two of frustration during the first few weeks - but Nurse Teri explained I was just going through withdrawal from sugar and starches. I couldn't be happier that i made it through that part of it because it was worth every second of it. Even on the days you're frustrated or feeling a little tired (only happened very few times), the scale every morning kept me going. This program shows results and shows them fast. And immediately. I originally did the 40-day program and lost 35 pounds, then did 7 weeks of maintenance where I lost another 3 pounds, and then did the 40-day program again and lost another 29 pounds. I continue to live my life right now on the maintenance plan (and continue to lose at a very healthy pace). And the best part of it is I don't feel deprived AT ALL. It gives me even more satisfaction and such a sense of self-control being out to dinner and passing on the bread basket or the dessert tray - because i really have no desire for it. I can't imagine that there would ever be a time where i would feel more than satisfied having an apple or some berries to curb any kind of "sweet tooth". But it's true. Also having to be accountable to someone (thanks, Teri!!!!) makes the world of a difference. I've tried every diet program known to man...... you name the meal..... I'll tell you the name of the program (cabbage soup diet, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Deal-a-Meal, Zone Diet, South Beach Diet, Nutri System - just to name a few) and when i was on it. I had success with lots of them - but never went "all the way" on them - and never kept the weight off and never learned things on them that I've gotten from this program. I've recommended the program to everyone who talks to me about it. And all that have tried it are enjoying the success I've had too. It's literally changed my life and the way I carry myself and the way I treat myself now. Try it. You'll like it. Then let's go for a nice juicy steak when you're on your maintenance.


I did Beta hcg programs four times before I tried it with Dr. Rutledge. I only lost about 10 pounds each time I did it but I gained them back within six months or less. Then I decided to try Dr. Rutledge's program. I had entirely different results which I am pleased to say. I lost 20 pounds and 10 inches and am in a size 8 again. I was determined to follow his program and except for one day, I did not have any problems eating the prescribed diet. The greatest thing about this program is he and his staff are available if you need them. On the day I had a problem, I called them and was told to drink some tea to curb my appetite which worked like a charm.

Unlike the earlier programs, I had so much energy, I could not believe it. I slept like a baby and enjoyed the variety of recipes he provided which kept the diet from getting boring. The pain that I had in my joints has disappeared entirely, especially my knees. I actually feel like I did when I was in my twenties. I am presently 62 years old. I am sure this is because of the supplements he provides which I did not have on the previous programs. I am continuing to take the supplements and continue to feel great.

I am confident I will keep the weight off because he provided a detailed maintenance program which I am following and my weight has remained the same. This whole program has shown me how critical it is to be under a doctor's care when it is undertaken. I had been taking medication for a hypo-active thyroid but have not taken it while on the program. I am sure it will be normal when I have it checked. I truly believe this is the best thing I have ever done, not just for the weight loss but for the life changing habits I have gained which will help me live a healthy life for the rest of my life.


My initial motivation for committing to the BTL Diet was visceral fat (belly fat). My goal of losing weight and inches was met and has been maintained during the three week stabilization period which I have just completed. Also, my taste buds have been reset and the taste of simple, whole foods is being enjoyed. The real surprise has been the dramatic effect on my overall health - it has skyrocketed. I have not had one incident of acid reflux which had plagued me, my chronic cough has cleared up, my breathing is deeper and my balance has improved greatly! Amazing...

-With gratitude,



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