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This program designed by Dr. Rutledge is not an alternative to Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or any other “diet” out there. It is, however, a life giving AND life changing alternative to liposuction.  We would go so far as to say a BETTER than Lipo alternative.  If you are considering surgery to get rid of unwanted fat and sculpt your body, please read the FAQ’s below and compare your options.

1. Will the Fat Cells come back?

Liposuction:  The fat cells are removed permanently, however, if a patient gains more than 10% of their body weight back, new fat cells can develop, or disfiguration from fat accumulation in areas not treated by liposuction, such as the upper back, neck, and ankles.

BTL:  Better Than Lipo? Also permanently removes non-structural  fat from wiTHIN the cells, but due to the cellular changes that allow this to occur, we do not see any rebuilding of fat cells after the program. Simply put, BTL patients do not gain the weight back.

2. Will this help cellulite or sagging skin?

Liposuction: No. Liposuction can improve the shape of the body, but will not improve the quality of the skin or skin textures.

BTL: Yes! Most patients report a large decrease or complete elimination of cellulite after the program.  Overall skin turgor improves, leaving you with a fresher skin appearance(this is largely due to the deep detox that occurs).

3. How much fat can be removed?

Liposuction: The maximum amount that can safely be removed for any one procedure of liposuction is 6-8 pounds. The greater the amount removed in any one procedure the greater the risk of complications due to volume loss. Often, it is necessary to have more than one procedure to remove the desired amount of fat.

BTL:  Most patients report a weight loss of ½ to 1 pound per day, which can mean up to 40 pounds of pure fat loss. Because this is a gradual release of fat, there are no complication risks.

4. How long will it be before I see results?

Liposuction:  For most patients it takes one to three months to see full results after their surgery. For the first few weeks there is post-operative swelling, but for patients receiving stitches after their liposuction, swelling may persist for 8 to 12 weeks.

BTL: Almost immediately!  Most patients report an overall slimmer effect within three days.  Full results occur at the end of the program, so as soon as three weeks. There is no swelling and no down time.

5. How much weight can I expect to lose?

Liposuction:  Liposuction is not for weight loss.  However, it does provide an  aesthetic improvement, which will result in an overall slimmer appearance.

BTL: Up to 40 pounds per round of BTL.  Not only does it provide the same aesthetic results, it also rids the body of toxic fat stores around internal organs, for visible and NON-VISIBLE results. Not only will you SEE improvement in your body’s physique, you will FEEL improvement in your overall health and well being.

6. What are the possible side effects or complications?

Liposuction:  Infections, visceral perforations, seroma, nerve compression, changes in sensation, permanent numbness, visible scarring, dimples, abnormal  body contours, results that don’t look natural,  burns, necrosis, complications from anesthesia, significant swelling that may persist for up to 12 weeks, death.

BTL: Our program offers side BENEFITS! Most patients report an overall increase in well being not only while on the program, but in the months and years that follow.  This program has multi-system benefits, including prevention of heart attack, stroke,  diabetes, joint deconstruction,  lowers cholesterol and CRP levels,  reduces hypertension, and promotes healthy thyroid function. LIPO does NONE of this! Due to the detox that occurs while on the first week of the program, some patients(though not ALL) report a mild headache and fatigue, which subsides with progression in the program.

7. How much does it cost?

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